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Matthew Ellacott - Oxford Wedding Photographer

Matthew Ellacott - WEdding Photographer

A Little about Me...

I am a Wedding Photographer and live and work in the beautiful city of Oxford. I am originally from London and my family roots are in Devon. Photography has been a life-long passion, I use my camera every day, and took my very first photo when I was 6 years old.

Before becoming a photographer, I worked for many years in desk jobs. Realising the dream of taking photos for a living has been one of the best things that I ever did (after getting married myself of course!) 

I am a photographer, because I love to capture something special about a place or a moment. The best wedding photos and photographers capture the essence of moment and create an emotional link that takes you there.

I often tell people that working as a Wedding Photographer is special and because it has such variety and combines many types of photography, in a single day. It makes you a very versatile photographer and I love that there is always something unique, which makes every wedding a thrill to do.


My wedding photography is about capturing the moments of your day, both big and small and showing the beauty, emotions, and personalities.  I want to create a collection for you that is natural personal and creative.  I work mainly in a documentary style but love to do the couple portraits which are one of my favourite parts of any wedding collection. 

My editing style is very natural and is designed to enhance the images to give rich, warm and bold images that make the most of the light and shadow.

My photographic inspirations include the classic vintage styles of the 1930’s and 40’s.  These influence my work because of the beautiful and creative use of light and the elegant simplicity of the compositions.  These influences inspire me to create collections that have a classic, timeless look. I enjoy shooting creatively in colour and black and white, and always like to explore different ideas.


  • Plymouth Argyle (yes, really!)
  • Dad Jokes
  • Dancing – I help run Oxford Lindy Hoppers
  • Travel
  • Vintage Style and Art Deco
  • A Dry Martini – I mix my own with Plymouth Gin.


When I am not behind a camera, I am a Lindy Hop dance addict, and adore Swing Music and old movies. I help run Oxford Lindy Hoppers and have been creating and producing dance festivals in Oxford since 2014.  I am also a trustee of the Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive.

Travel is a huge passion, and I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the USA, and also Australia and Japan, with my camera always in hand of course! The Art Deco splendour of New York City is my favourite destination.  

I am lucky to share my passions with my beautiful wife Eleanor (OK maybe not the jokes and the football).


When I am not shooting weddings, my work includes portraits, vintage photoshoots, event photography, and Oxford graduations. I enjoy a creative challenge and trying different projects and styles.  I have photographed events in the UK and Europe and even a Renaissance Style CD cover!


Vintage hollywood style portrait photography
PhD Graduate. Oriel College Oxford