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Proposal Photographer


Proposal Photography

I remember the day I proposed to my wife really clearly. Like every nervous would be groom, I wanted the moment to be perfect. A marriage proposal is an amazing landmark and all the careful planning deserves more than selfie! This is when a proposal photographer can be a great idea. It is a wonderful reminder of a moment that may pass in a flash.

Proposal Photographer or Engagement Photographer?

The main difference between a proposal photographer and engagement photographer is timing and planning! A proposal photographer is perfect for capturing that special moment when your partner says “yes”. As the proposal is nearly always a surprise, this will need careful planning. Your photographer will work out timing, location and angles with you in advance. You might also want to follow the proposal with a mini engagement shoot.

However, a proposal shoot is not for everyone. If you prefer your proposal to be a bit more intimate or spontaneous you may prefer an engagement shoot. That way you can choose your location, outfits, and any other elements you’d like to include together. Engagement shoots are also a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera. It is also a chance to experience a professional photoshoot, before your wedding day. This is great if you haven’t had a professional photographs taken before.

Both kinds of shoots are amazing for getting some awesome photos to mark the moment. They are great for sharing with parents and grandparents and with your friends on social media. You can also use them on your wedding invitations or website.

Proposal Photography Planning

The job of the proposal photographer is to capture the big moment discreetly. Planning and preparation are therefore key to getting the best results. As a photographer I will give you advice to help plan the most important elements. Key factors for a photographer are the moment, background and the light. Planning the best place and time together are essential to make sure your photographer is in the right place at the right time! Therefore the location, time of day and the style of photos will all be things to think about. With surprise proposals, a plan B is also a must; even the best plans can go wrong!


Planning and Logistics

  1. Find a great location – After the ring, the location is possibly the most important decision. Agree the exact spot advance to avoid confusion! A special location with a great background is important. Also try to avoid busy spots where people could get in the way. We don’t want any accidental photo bombs. You will also need to pick a location with good light.
  2. Set the time – Once you have your location, think about the timing. Once again, the light is king. Early evening or sunset is often best, when the light is still good but is normally softer. A romantic sunset is a bonus! Avoid the evening and dark locations – a flash or lights will spoil the mood!
  3. Share all the details and keep in contact – We will make sure that we have all the details agreed beforehand. Also make sure you have a way to keep in touch in case of a change of plan.
  4. Dress for the occasion – Plan ahead and dress well. Avoid clashing colours and clothes with big slogans. Try and keep phones, wallets etc out of your trouser pockets where they might bulge!
  5. Have a back up plan – A plan B is essential. Bad weather, cancelled plans, and emergencies all happen from time to time.


Engagement Photography - Matthew Ellacott
Proposal Photography - Matthew Ellacott Photography

The big moment

  1. Take it slow – When the big moment comes you’ll be nervous! Take it slowly, and enjoy the moment. If you’re getting down on one knee, hold the pose, and let you partner take it in. This also gives the photographer opportunity to get the perfect shot.
  2. Enjoy the moment – Proposal photography is all about the moment! It should be easy, but once you’re in position, enjoy the moment and stay focussed on your partner. Forget about the camera, and avoid looking at the lens! We can take some more pictures later!
  3. Show off the ring! – Photos with the ring and the ring box, are a big part of the proposal shoot. Anything else might get in the way so try to avoid holding other items. We want to make the focus to be on you, your partner and the ring.

After the proposal

  1. Have a few more pictures – Take a few moments together. Then, now the secret is out, enjoy the occasion with a few more pictures. Engagement photos are perfect for save the date cards or wedding invitations.

  2. Book a romantic spot and enjoy the evening!


Proposal and Engagement Photography in Oxford

There are many stunning locations for proposal photography and engagement shoots in Oxford. The beautiful meadows and stunning historic squares and streets are wonderful locations. As a documentary wedding photographer, I love to capture moments and tell stories with my photography. I explore this beautiful city every day and love to find different locations.

I am happy to advise on the best options and plans for your proposal or engagement shoot. If you would like more information please get in touch.

Oxford Wedding and Engagement Photography
Proposal Photography - Matthew Ellacott Photography
Proposal Photography - Matthew Ellacott Photography
Proposal Photography - Matthew Ellacott Photography

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