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Documentary Wedding Photography

Oxford documentary wedding photographer

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Oxford Wedding Photographer - Documentary Wedding Photography
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This website introduces me as an “Oxford Documentary Wedding Photographer”. The Oxford part is easy, (although I do work all over the UK), but what does the rest mean?

Documentary Wedding Photography

A documentary wedding photographer is sometimes also known as a reportage wedding photographer or sometimes even a wedding photojournalist. In other words, this is a photographer who will capture your wedding naturally as it happens.

This is different from more “traditional” or “editorial” wedding photography for example, which are more posed styles.

The way I like to explain is that documentary wedding photography is all about moments and emotions. It is not made, directed or posed.  It is true to say that it is really about ‘capturing the moment’ and creating a beautiful collection of photos that take you back there.

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My wedding photography - documentary style

Simply put, my documentary style is natural wedding photography that tells the story of your day. Above all, I want to create a collection of photographs for you that will be natural and authentic. 

I will normally arrive to shoot the preparations in the morning, and stay until the first dance and beyond.  As a dancer myself, I love to shoot the dance floor!

For most of the day I will work in a relaxed and unobtrusive way seeking to blend in, amongst your guests and let the day unfold naturally. My job is to capture the authentic excitement, love, and joy of the day that you planned so carefully.  However, this doesn’t mean I will be hiding behind a tree with a long lens! 

I like to be close to the action but will work hard to make sure that you and your guests are relaxed around me.  I want beautiful, natural, creative results that focus on the personal connections for you and your guests.  Most of the time you won’t know I’m there….

I also like to take some time to capture many of the details that you picked so carefully, and make your wedding personal.   However, I don’t spend ages taking pictures of the dress and shoes without you in them!  I like my work to be about people.  

FAMILY PHOTOS and WEdding Portraits

Although a most of the day will be documentary, one of my favourite parts of the my collections is to take some beautiful, simple, and elegant couple portraits of you. This is a great moment for you to take some time together. I will normally try and take these pictures at “Golden Hour” when the light is best, and after you have had chance to relax and enjoy the party. These are always very natural and focus on the connection between the two of you.

Like most photographers I do also take the traditional family group portraits if you would like them.  These can be as formal or informal as like, and these pictures are part of sharing your day with those closest to you.  

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Oxford Documentary Wedding Photographer

If you want this style of photography for your wedding, I would love to hear from you!   Please visit my contact page via the button below or email: matt@matthewellacott.co.uk 

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