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Outdoor Weddings

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Outdoor wedding ceremonies

Outdoor wedding ceremonies became legal on 1st July 2021. So will 2022 be a year for outdoor weddings?

Until last year, a wedding ceremony had to take place in an approved room or permanent structure. This all changed in July 2021. Now a wedding or civil partnership can also take place in the grounds of an “approved location”. There are so many wonderful locations with beautiful grounds. Great news for couples who would like to have an outdoor wedding.

I have photographed some very special outdoor weddings recently. There was an outdoor ceremony at Crockwell Farm in Northamptonshire. I was also was fortunate to cover a Humanist Wedding in the family garden. Even when the ceremony is in Church, it is lovely to be able to enjoy an open air reception.

These weddings have included many fun and different features. For example there have been fire pits with Smores, garden games, horse box bars, ice cream and pizza vans.

Outdoor wedding photography

Outdoor weddings are great news for wedding photographers too. The literal meaning of the word photography is “light recording”. Therefore, the quality of light means so much for a photographer.

Natural light has a special quality that I always like to use if I can. This can be soft or hard, warm or cool, but is always different from artificial light sources.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I want my images to be authentic. Natural light helps me to do that. When the party is outdoors, this helps me to tell the story of your day naturally. Daylight and hopefully some sunshine, helps me to create some lovely relaxed natural images of your guests.

Outdoor Wedding Portraits and Golden Hour

One of my favourite parts of the day talking some beautiful, simple, and elegant portraits. I like to take portraits at “Golden Hour” when the light is best. This is in late afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky and. you get a lovely warm light. This is a chance to take some time focussed on the two of you and get some special images.

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I am a Wedding Photographer based in Oxford and available for weddings throughout the UK. I like to shoot creatively in colour and black and white. My style is relaxed, authentic and natural with a timeless style influenced by classic photography.

My collections have a classic-meets-contemporary style with a natural, timeless feel. I have a very natural editing style, designed to give rich, warm and stylish photographs.

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