Am I the best wedding photographer for you?

Oxford Wedding Photographer - Bride and Bridesmaid Brasenose College Chapel. Brasenose College Wedding


Choosing the best wedding photographer for you isn’t easy!  Your wedding photographer is not like an on the day supplier, and will be with you for the whole day; from the morning preparations through to the first dance and onto the fun of the dance floor…

The best wedding photographer for you will be one who’ll take awesome pictures, in a style that you love, and will also fit best with your plans.

Let me tell you little about how I work…


Getting to know you!

First of all, I like to have a chat to make sure that we’re a good match and I can give you what you’re looking for.  Every wedding is personal, and so is my approach to wedding photography. I want to get to know you and find out what makes your wedding day unique. 

Once you’re booked in, I’m always available to answer questions, and help make plans.  If you have important moments to capture, or some family and group photos you would like, I’m delighted to help.   I’ll help plan a list of the main moments of the day, and plan the photos with you to make them as quick and easy as possible so you can make the most of your party. About 4 weeks before the day, we’ll have a meeting to go over the plan and timings so we can  I want you to enjoy your day and know that the photos are taken care of. 


Your wedding experience…simple, relaxed, and natural


Oxford Wedding Photographer - Matthew Ellacott - Documentary Wedding Photography - Crockwell Farm

Weddings and wedding photography are about amazing moments, special emotions, and beautiful memories. 

I want your photos to take you take you there every time you look at them.   

My job is to catch the moments big and small; the love, laughter and tears, and tell your story.


Documentary Wedding Photography

For most of the day I work in a relaxed documentary style and will be blending discreetly with your guests for most of the day to capture the moments spontaneously, with a sense of fun. 

I don’t shout instructions, do elaborate or cheesy poses, or stop everything to get a shot.

I keep it simple, relaxed, and natural

Wedding Portraits

Creative Wedding Photography - London Wedding Rosewood Hotel London. Matthew Ellacott Oxford Wedding Photographer

One of my favourite parts of the day is taking a few minutes to take some special couple portraits. I like to take these around “Golden Hour” in the evening when the light is best.

This is about taking some time to take some memorable images, and for you to spend a few quiet moments focussed on the two of you, and get some elegant portraits of you together.


Wedding reception dance floor Bride and Groom

I love capturing the and craziness of the dance floor and like to stay and catch the evening fun!   

My personal packages mean that I will be there when you want me.  


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