Christmas Wedding Photography


I am writing this journal entry in March, which might seem an odd time to be talking about Christmas Wedding Photography, but if you are planning a Christmas Wedding or Winter Wedding you will already have the festive season on your mind!

I love Winter Weddings. Churches and venues dressed for Christmas, adding your own seasonal touch to wedding decorations, and the special intimacy that winter nights can give to a winter Wedding all combine to give Christmas Weddings a special atmosphere all of their own.  

Every season has different types of light, and photo opportunities. In the same way that you can’t guarantee a sunny Summer Wedding, weddings later in the year don’t always mean bad weather. Winter sunshine also has a special quality that makes magical photos too. This makes Christmas and Winter Wedding Photography very interesting and rewarding.

One thing that is certain about Winter light – there will be less of it! But this doesn’t have to be a problem. Modern cameras cope with low light better than ever before, and working creatively and with off camera flash, you still get amazing images that bring out the joy and beauty of your day. This is where the pre-wedding consultations and planning come into their own, so we can work together to think about the special moments that you have planned and how to make the most of the light in those short winter days and what to do if the weather is dark or wet.

If you are planning a Christmas or Winter wedding I would love to hear about your plans and talk to you about how I can help capture the magic of your day.


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